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Emmanuel Guide privé a conduit et accompagné beaucoup de groups et familles sur Israël,  Voici quelque notes et Courriels de  remerciements Nous sommes certains que vous aussi aurez une entière satisfaction de nos services
From: isabelle decourcelle [decourcelle.isabelle@gmail.com]
Sent: יום ראשון 27 ספטמבר 2015 18:18
To: levy@israelmagic.com
Subject: Bonjour
Bonjour Emmanuel,
De retour en Belgique depuis le 22 août, je ne cesse de me remémorer mon voyage en Israël.
......Je tiens à vous remercier encore une fois de nous avoir fait découvrir ce merveilleux pays de la plus belle des manières.
Afin d'approfondir ma culture sur l'Israël, j'ai acheté le livre "Israël un portrait historique" d'Elie Barnavi qui est très intéressant mais peut être un peu compliqué en une première lecture.
.....J'espère que pour vous tout va bien et qu'actuellement un autre groupe s'est joint à vous.
Mes amitiés
From: Milva Pervan [mailto:milva.p@hotmail.com]
Sent: Friday, February 19, 2016 7:13 AM
To: levy@israelmagic.com
Subject: Thank you from us: Milva and Dane

Shalom Emmanuel,
Miss you already! Just got back from our trip and thought we would drop you a line to say a very big BIG Thank You for such a wonderful tour of Israel.
As you know we were a bit hesitant about travelling to Israel due to all the media hype, but you made us feel really safe whilst there. You cared for us so well, adding to our fabulous experience.
We miss your fantastic driving skills, incredible stories, your smile and depth of character and hope you are well there. We learnt so much about Israel because of your wealth of knowledge in various aspects from historical, social, economical, religious and political details. This information heightened our experience of this magical place.
You made our tour a truly memorable experience. No question was ever difficult to answer and you wisdom is priceless. You gave us more than what we expected and we are ever so grateful.
Our trip with you was so perfect and jaw-dropping that it would be hard to measure against anything else. The bus was like a cocoon for our 8 days and we wish we could have made the tour longer, had we known the treasure of it all.
We've come back to Australia, different, looking at Israel with open and more intelligent eyes because of you. It's such a beautiful place, to magic to describe in words, and meeting you as our guide/driver was the cherry on the cake. How fortunate for us.
We are deeply grateful for this experience, think of you often and wish you good health, prosperity and long life, so that others can experience your connection.
Thank you, Toda, Toda for such wonderful memories.
Much love,
Milva and Dane Pervan.
From: De Carvalho Alvaro [alvaro.decarvalho@tui.ch]
Sent: שבת 27 ספטמבר 2014 08:15
To: levy@israelmagic.com
Cc: josianed@tourorient.ch
Subject: Circuit Israel

Cher Emmanuel,
Mon epouse et moi sommes ravis de ce voyage en Israel, .. ....
....beau des Pays. Vos explications et connaissances,  nous ont amene avec passion et sympathie a mieux comprendre chaque etape de la visite et a encore intensifie notre sentiment d'emerveillement. Formidable!
Nous tenons vraiment a vous en remercier.
Avec nos cordiales salutations. 
Alvaro et Rosa
From: martine luengo [martine.luengo@caramail.com]
Sent: יום שלישי 27 מאי 2008 22:19
To: levy@israelmagic.com
Subject: Bonjour de France
Bonsoir Emmanuel,
Merci encore pour ces excellents moments passés en votre compagnie; en effet, depuis que nous sommes rentrés d'Israël nous nous repassons les photos et essayons de nous rappeler de tous vos commentaires.
Nous avons beaucoup d'amis juifs qui connaissent bien Israël et nous pouvons ainsi encore voyager avec eux en relatant nos souvenirs de voyage respectifs.
.......nous vous savons très occupé, mais nous voulions vous faire savoir que nous pensons bien à vous et à votre magnifique pays.
Bien amicalement.
Martine, Didier et Marion
From: Paulette Ondomboe [paulette.on@africalink.ch]
Sent: יום ראשון 03 נובמבר 2013 20:54
To: levy@israelmagic.com
Subject: Retour en Suisse
Salut Emmanuel,
Je voulais tout d'abord te remercier pour le magnifique séjour effectué en ta compagnie.
C'était plaisant et très instructif. Je compte naturellement garder le contact avec "mon guide Israëlien préféré".....
Amicalement Paulette
From: test [richbine@optonline.net]
Sent: יום חמישי 19 נובמבר 2009 01:03
To: 'Emmanuel Levy'
Subject: Thank You for an Incredible Israel Tour Experience
Shalom Emmanuel,
I hope all is well. I would like to thank you again for a wonderful touring experience during our trip to Israel last week. All six of us truly enjoyed having you as our guide. Your knowledge, professionalism, courtesy and good humor made our vacation the thrill of a lifetime! We truly enjoyed our entire itinerary which covered the entire country. It amazed us how much you knew about everything and every place we visited. You are truly a walking encyclopedia of the ancient and current history, customs and politics of the state of Israel. We have been telling all of our friends and family of the sights we saw and the culture we experienced, thanks to you. We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know who will be traveling to Israel for vacation. You are the best!
Take care and be well. We will keep in touch with our new friend, Emmanuel Levy, Israel tour guide extraordinaire!!
Thanks again for everything.
Rich Sobine
New Jersey
From: Ken Hathaway (DHL GB) [k.hathaway@dhl.com]
Sent: יום חמישי 30 אוגוסט 2012 16:51
To: levy@israelmagic.com
Subject: Israel Holiday
Hi Emmanuel
Mandy & I just want to say big ‘Thank You’ for the time spent with you recently (13th - 19th August) on the ‘Discover Israel’ tour.
Not only did we have a fantastic time and saw many great sights, but each day was a history lesson from you that added knowledge & color to the occasion.
Due to your knowledge & enthusiasm, we had a time that far exceeded our expectations and we just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for making it so memorable.
Good luck in the future.
Best Wishes
From: Elvis Obanor [obanorel@gmail.com]
Sent: יום שלישי 08 נובמבר 2011 22:57
To: levy@israelmagic.com
Subject: Thanks

Hello Emmanuel,

I just wanted to inform you that we had a nice tour of Masada and the dead sea, and returned back to the U.S safely.

A special thanks and appreciation goes to you for making
our first ever trip to israel an eventful one. Your insight,
knowledge and experience made our our tour of the holy land memorable, my group will not stop singing praises about you.

Once again thank you for all you did, you are greatly

E. Obanor
Benefits Consultant
From: Claudia Russo [feb2952@gmail.com]
Sent: יום חמישי 30 אוקטובר 2014 19:09
To: info@emmanueltourguide.com
Subject: The state of Israel
Hello Emmanuel,
This is Claudia Russo from Blackduck, Minnesota, USA. I was on your tour with the Byler family in May of this year.
....I hope you are well and safe. I can't imagine business is great with the happenings of late but I hope that too will be well with you.
You had an impact on my life that I can't explain. I went to Israel looking for a great religious experience. I came back with a deep feeling for the Jewish people and their country. Not just a history lesson, but a window into the very nature of the conflict.
I wish you well and will continue to pray for your safety and for Israel.
Claudia Russo
From: Jeffery Hide <hidejc@hotmail.com
Date: 14 בפברואר 2012 21:23:11 GMT+02:00
To: <levy@israelmagic.com
Subject: great trip
Dear Emmanuel,

.....We all had a fantastic time thanks very much
to you and so I have attached an account of my
memories of our week with you....
.....AND of course if you do end up in the UK do
not forget to make contact with Jac and me.

Yours with thanks

Jeff and Jac
From: Vernon [mac@scottnet.co.za]
Sent: יום שלישי 14 דצמבר 2010 05:56
To: info@israelmagic.com
Subject: Thanks
Hi Emmanual
First of all, thank you very much for an excellent and professional tour of your wonderful country. My wife & I thoroughly enjoyed the very thorough and informative commentary throughout the journey of discovery.
You are to be congratulated for making this experience unforgettable. We will certainly be passing on this impression to all our many friends and acquaintances.
....Once again, even if you can’t help us, thank you very much
Vernon & Dorothy McAdam
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